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Patents are an indicator of whether a country can be classified as an industrialized country or not. After previously mediating the Patent Examiner of the Directorate General of IPR of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia and the Inventor of UPN Veteran Jakarta.

Finally, UPN Veteran Jakarta received the Granted Patent. Patents for tertiary institutions greatly affect performance, because they will affect the determination of the classification or rating of tertiary institutions.

Based on the Kayus Kayowuan report from the LPPM IPR Center, there are 2 (two) documents that have been patented, including the 6×6 Armored Carrier Cabin Design with Ergonomic Principles with Dr. Ir. Halim Mahfud, M.Sc, Dr. Ir. Reda Rizal, M.Sc., Ir. Lilik Zulaiha, M. Si and a document entitled Prototype Model Doubel Hull Water Bus Fiber Glass Transport Capacity 35 people with inventors Ir. Amir Marasabessy, MT., Drs. Bambang Sudjasta, M.T., Ir. Rusdy Hatuwe, M.T.

“There are two documents that have been patented, then there is a proposed new document that has been carried out by mediation and technical consultations with the results being recommended to be granted a patent,” said Kayus in his interview on Thursday (29/04/21).

In a true sense, a patent is an exclusive right granted by the State to an inventor on the results of his invention in the field of technology, who for a certain period of time carry out his own invention or give his consent to other parties to implement it.

The acquisition, which takes a long time and is not easy, is expected to spark the enthusiasm of lecturers and other researchers to obtain patents in the energy and technology sector.



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